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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!

I'm getting a pottery wheel...Look for more of my pottery here and on MixedUpMedia2!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Downtown Art Festival- A Little Mecca of Cool » Blog Archive » Downtown Art Festival-Nov 14,15

Downtown Lakeland Florida - A Little Mecca of Cool » Blog Archive » Downtown Art Festival-Nov 14,15

Before making it to the Art Fest, I went to the Farmers Market, which I've been meaning to attend, just haven't. There, I found a booth with cool rocks & gems which immediately caught my eye. After being mezmorized by such a find in this town, I learned that the booth's owner is the President of the local Gem + Rock club (which I didn't know existed) AND her & I both do lampwork & have a mutual friend, whom is my neighbor. It turns out that we're actually all neighboors. Anyway, that was an amazing "chance meeting". I can definatly learn a lot from her knowledge and experience of lampwork & gems & am looking forward to meeting up with her again.
Anyway, the art fest was nice...I ran into an old friend who was selling her painting/photography. She said her "2 day booth" cost $35.00 plus a piece she donated to the events' auction. I am definatly planning on showing here next fall! There was a lot of foot traffic plus advertizing for the event was posted all over town, in an art publication, & on-line. It was organized by the owner of J Rowan Gallery who apparently is very active in the local art community. Plus I ran into other artists that I met last week at an art show that we were all "showing" at, that were doing very well, here.
It was a beautiful, enjoyable day! I saw Vintage items, paintings, prints, photography, jewelry, dichroic glass, pottery, flowers, soaps, scrapbooks, fabric, furniture and more...
"Browse my on-line shop of handmade JEWELRY and more. Choose from SEMI-PRECIOUS stones, SWAROVSKI crystal, STERLING SILVER, HANDMAND GLASS BEADS & PENDANTS, CERAMIC BEADS & PENDANTS...and more..."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My ETSY site.

Here's an image from my ETSY site...I'm teaching myself how to upload images from the internet...Hope it works...

There's more on My shop is MixedUpMedia2 Thanks!
"Welcome to the world Baby Liam!! After 23 hours of labor Diane and baby are doing great. Congrats to Diane, Bill and Ella!

William James Horn, 8lbs, 1oz, 21' born 11/12/09"


This is my first time writing a blog so I might be randomly all over the place because I have only 36 years of things to blurt about....

First of all, I'm starting to list items that I've made on MixedUpMedia2 is my name there, if the link that I've listed doesn't work, try some kind of search on their site. I'm planning on listing my jewelry, pottery, ceramics, supplies, and who knows what else?
Anyway, I wanted to start my own internet site selling jewelry. After checking 2 venues (GoDaddy & HomeStead) I learned that it's pretty expensive up front for the domain name with quality site building & hack protection (without even knowing if it's something that I'm going to want to pay & commit to, for 2 years). Otherwise, if I was a computer programmer, I'd just have to pay for the domain name and "write" my own site, but I'm much more interested in the artistic part of my "business" as opposed to the business/computer part, so I'll try some cheaper resources for now & keep you abreasted (new term courtesy of Bucs head coach) the situation.

I plan on putting some pics up on this blog plus I always have something to chat, ponder, complain, rant & rave about, which is why I titled this blog "Arts & Rants". Most of my "rants" are either about Art (people in my classes, at stores, etc.) or the neighborhood (unsupervised kids, neighborhood speeders, rudeness, loud music, unleashed pets, e-mails etc...)or my husband, the dog, etc...There's so much to look forward to... the world is my oyster, and I am the pearl of my own blog...

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My NEW blog

Just creating and testing it out for now...check back soon!