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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Downtown Art Festival- A Little Mecca of Cool » Blog Archive » Downtown Art Festival-Nov 14,15

Downtown Lakeland Florida - A Little Mecca of Cool » Blog Archive » Downtown Art Festival-Nov 14,15

Before making it to the Art Fest, I went to the Farmers Market, which I've been meaning to attend, just haven't. There, I found a booth with cool rocks & gems which immediately caught my eye. After being mezmorized by such a find in this town, I learned that the booth's owner is the President of the local Gem + Rock club (which I didn't know existed) AND her & I both do lampwork & have a mutual friend, whom is my neighbor. It turns out that we're actually all neighboors. Anyway, that was an amazing "chance meeting". I can definatly learn a lot from her knowledge and experience of lampwork & gems & am looking forward to meeting up with her again.
Anyway, the art fest was nice...I ran into an old friend who was selling her painting/photography. She said her "2 day booth" cost $35.00 plus a piece she donated to the events' auction. I am definatly planning on showing here next fall! There was a lot of foot traffic plus advertizing for the event was posted all over town, in an art publication, & on-line. It was organized by the owner of J Rowan Gallery who apparently is very active in the local art community. Plus I ran into other artists that I met last week at an art show that we were all "showing" at, that were doing very well, here.
It was a beautiful, enjoyable day! I saw Vintage items, paintings, prints, photography, jewelry, dichroic glass, pottery, flowers, soaps, scrapbooks, fabric, furniture and more...

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