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Thursday, February 3, 2011

"A Beggars Purse"

A Beggars PurseA Beggars Purse by Toni Nelson

How do you react when approached by a homeless person? Do you stop and listen or simply walk away as if the person doesn't exist? Toni Nelson grew up in a beautiful home, set in an idyllic beach community, making friends with the hobos passing through town on the freight trains. Her grandparents' home was a 'safe house' for the roaming drifters, and Toni learned at an early age the joy that could come from showing compassion to those less fortunate. Later in life, Toni moved to Nevada and was struck by the amount of homeless and penniless peopling the city of Las Vegas. With a heart opened and sustained by God, Toni embarked on a journey to help the people who have nothing, and now shares her experiences in this touching and beautiful memoir. Join Toni in her journey to share God's love with the people around her, and discover the treasures that can be found in A Beggar's Purse. 'A wonderful portrayal of how with time, heartfelt examinations, and a touch from the Lord, a person can journey from a child-like perspective to one which is able to identify the redeeming qualities found in all of mankind.' —Laura Broadwater, contributing author in A Cup of Comfort series


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This book made me open my eyes and get in touch with my childhood beliefs and thoughts about how every person in this world should be treated. Why do people mistreat other people who do not have a home, are hungry, and/or are down & hopeless? Perhaps they need to be shown a little love and respect like Toni and her grandparents did in this amazing memoir of a family that gives food, friendhip, & hope to those less fortunate. It was entertaining while thought provoking in that a little act of decency & kindness could make a huge impact in someone's life. God has truly blessed Toni with a compassionate heart and the ability to show His glory through her and her beautifully true story-telling. This book has inspired me to think & do more to treat all people with non-judgemental love & compassion.

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